Many viruses can enter a computer without the user opening emails or
email attachments. They are just there, floating around in cyber-space.
They use protocols your operating system and user programs use to
communicate with updates and services on unseen levels. New virus
variants of Bagel , SoBig , Sober, and many Trojan  types exploit these
services to invade our machines. Some are just annoying but many are
invasive or destructive. They steal information, watch what we do, and
then use the data to steal our money ,identities, delete files, and cripple
our computers.
Most of this damage can be avoided by installing system updates.
Microsoft's site can be accessed  
here and is free to all. These updates can
be automated either from their website or in your computer. In Windows
XP,  right click on" My Computer" then click on the "Updates "tab. We
recommend choosing the " Automatic" button.
In Microsoft products , the update feature can be found in Internet
Explorer by clicking on the "Tools" button at the top of the browser and
choosing the "Windows Update" option. It is also located in the control
panel. From there you will be redirected to the Windows Update site.
Unless you are sure of what you are doing, download only the "critical
After the upgrades are installed you should be protected from viruses,
Trojans and hackers. .Visit this website often. Don't forget to restart your
computer when prompted and go back for more updates until the site says
you are completely up to date.
Keep in mind that these system updates WILL NOT protect you from all
viruses and attacks by themselves. It is absolutely essential to have an
updated anti-virus program and preferable  to have a firewall installed on
your computer. This is as dangerous as unprotected sex,  to put it bluntly.
That is how important these updates and anti-virus/firewall softwares are
to your computers' health.
Most retail routers contain a hardware firewall and are cost effective.
Software firewalls are better but something is better than nothing
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